Bwindi Community Hospital

Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH) was founded in southwest Uganda in 2003 by Scott and Carol Kellermann. It began with one doctor from the U.S. sitting under a tree and offering free medical service. Today it is a 112-bed hospital providing health care and health education services to a population of over 100,000 people. This population includes the Batwa Pygmies, some of the most impoverished people on earth.

Welcome to Bwindi Community Hospital There are few other decent health services in this extremely remote area. At many other Hospitals in Uganda health workers are absent or have low morale and patients wait for hours in queues. At Bwindi Community Hospital, staff members are on duty 24 hours a day, we plan ahead so that no drug is ever out of stock, and we make sure all patients are attended to quickly. We strive to recruit the best doctors and clinicians in Uganda to serve patients well and achieve excellence.

“Accessibility for All” is the most important part of our vision. We believe that all people, rich or poor, have an equal right to access health care, and that those living high in the mountains need care just as much as those living near the hospital.

As our vision has changed from serving a small village in 2003 to serving a large population today, our needs have similarly changed. In this document, we give a brief description of our services and some of the several unfunded projects that would expand on BCH’s vision and our pressing needs. Please feel free to request information about any other services at BCH which may be in line with your interests.

Sixty percent of the hospital services take place in the outreach programs in form of mobile clinics. The Hospital sends different teams into the community seven days a week. The HIV/AIDS team visits six different locations, and our Community Health team visits Batwa settlements once a week. The Hospital also opened a satellite Health Centre in a Batwa settlement called Byumba, about 27 kilometres from Bwindi and another satellite health centre in Mpungu at Kanyashogye (48KM) in order to reach out to those who need care most. We hope to open two other clinics at Nteko and Kanyantorogo.

The Hospital offers a broad range of services including HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, Community Health and Batwa, Child Health, Surgery, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Outpatients, Dental & eyes, Adult inpatients and diagnostics. Through Community Health and the Batwa program, BCH has trained 227 Village Health Promoters (VHP’s) to help in disease awareness and prevention in their respective villages.

With continued efforts in the fight against malaria, cases have dropped from 23.2 % in 2006, 13.5% in 2011, especially, amongst children below 5 years. The Hospital has tested over 38,000 clients for HIV and 1,700 clients have enrolled in their treatment care program. The community health insurance scheme (eQuality) is progressing well with over 24,000 people already subscribed to it, contributing to over 3,600 people seen in OutPatients’ Department every month; Mortality rate in under-fives admitted has reduced from 3.2% to 2%; increased hospital deliveries by 45%; and tested 50% of all the people aged 15 years and above.

Over the past 3 years, OPD attendance has grown by 85%, and gives 30,115 consultations a year; the under-fives OPD attendance by 89% to 8,880. Deliveries have increased by 73% to 1,743 while inpatient services grew by 69% resulting in over 4,000 admissions a year. This increase has been accelerated by eQuality Health membership which promotes ‘equal utilization for equal needs’. Some of the challenges we face include; securing sustainable funding for the running of the Hospital, as we are totally dependent on external donations, which are not always 100% guaranteed.

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