Andrej Brna - Honorary consul of Republic of Uganda in the Slovak Republic have met the authorities of Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH) during his first official visit in Uganda. He also had a chance to visit the different departments of the hospital such as Child Health department, Waiting Mothers Hostel and Surgical clinic. After this visit he has decided to focus his activates in the field of charity to help this hospital.

The BCH is a non-profit welfare organization that provides medical assistance and hospital services. BCH was founded in 2003 by Scott and Carol Kellermann. It began as an outreach clinic under a tree, and has grown into a 112-bed Hospital providing health care and health education services to a population of over 100,000 people.
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Welcome to Bwindi Community HospitalBased on the discussion with Aida Nantege Daphine – Communications Team Leader, Mr. Brna decided to support the hospital and to organize the public collection in Slovak republic named „Uganda Charity 2012“.

The main objective of our fundraising is to raise enough money for the project „Construction of an Incinerator“. The incinerator will manage all hospital and other wastes produced in this area therefore minimizing the undesirable environment impact of the hospital, protect hospital workers from occupational hazards and protect the environment and public health.
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The second objective of our fundraising is to help local people to participate in the extremely affordable eQuality healthcare system. This healthcare system helps to increase regular preventive examinations and reduce the number of serious diseases. BCH relies on international donations for 90% of our annual budget. Eventually the people in Uganda will need a healthcare system that can be better supported locally. Indeed, this is an issue facing non-profit hospitals throughout Africa.
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