Lake Bunyonyi & its Islands

Lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa, lies in the south western part of Uganda, Kabale district. Lake Bunyonyi is located 450 Km from Kampala (7 hours drive).

Lake Bunyonyi as its serpentine shape suggests, is essentially a flooded valley system, extending northwards from the Rwandan border over a distance of 25 km although the contours of the steep slopes that separate Kabale from Kisoro. It’s thought to have been formed 8000 years ago as a result of lava damming of the Ndego River at present day Muko River. Lying on an altitude of 1840m, the lake occupies a total surface area of 60 sq km and its depth being estimated to be 45m.

 Dotted with at least 20 small islands an encircled by steep terraced hills, Bunyonyi is a magical spot that has been renamed the “Switzerland of Africa”. Its high altitude and moderate temperatures as well as its beautiful scenery have qualified the island to be among the most popular destinations in Western Uganda. As its name ‘Bunyonyi’ suggests in the local language the lake is a haven for bird watchers. The lake has got distinct bird species which include grey crowned cranes, a variety of Herons and egrets, weaverbirds among others. It is also probably the best place in Africa to see otters-the diurnal spotted-necked otter.

Safari activities include canoeing, boat rides, regional tour, pygmy village tour, bird watching.

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