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Safari and Tours For Disabled People

In the whole of Africa, Disability Tourism is among the several notions within the tourism industry. Each and every person is entitled to a social right of enjoying tours regardless of their abilities or disabilities. This is a vital notion whereby the physically- impaired people in society can also access as well as enjoy tourism. Internationally, it is approximated that there are more than five million people today who are disabled not only physically but otherwise too. A number of them are paraplegic whereas others attained the disabilities following various tragedies. Sadly these terrible happening have made very many people disabled all over the world. Fortunately the hotels as well as resorts in East Africa are being encouraged to offer wheel-chair accessibility leading to their holiday establishments. Team from Africa Nature Trekkers have began this great notion in tourism through East Africa to extend out services to the paraplegic, the blind, the deaf and the physically impaired not to forget the elderly as well as the slow movers.

We have taken it upon ourselves to also encourage the various hotels and other accommodation establishments to have disability rooms and fortunately many have complied whiles promise to do so.

Africa Nature Trekkers organizes escorted tours plus safaris for the deaf, physically impaired, as well as the deaf within East Africa. We place our esteemed disabled clients into good accommodation facilities that offer all the necessary services that they will need to ensure that they have a very enjoyable and memorable stay while with us.

In all these establishments, we first ascertain that they are wheelchair accessible and also provide disability rooms. Some of our latest events include services of expert nurses that escorted the paraplegic on the different tours to Lake Victoria, Bird watching, game viewing all within Uganda and East Africa at large.

When it comes to the deaf as well as the blind we recommend that they are accompanied by uniquely capable people such as teachers (in case they are students), at least one relative to the blind and then a teacher or a relative to the deaf. In case our client is married, we advise that they are accompanied by their spouses and if possible their children too. These help to our clients to feel very secure and comfortable and actually enable him or her better enjoy the tour or safari.

Africa Nature Trekkers has continued to successfully take on wheelchair travelers, small teams of disabled people, and slow walkers successfully to safaris plus tours within Uganda and other East African countries. Within East Africa is where you will get the opportunity to marvel at the greatest natural annual wildebeest migration that includes close to 2 million animals that match in a large herd between Serengeti and Maasai Mara National Parks. You will spend time with the small remaining population of mountain gorillas in the world living Bwindi as well as Mgahinga National Parks in Uganda and another population living in the in Virunga Mountains of Rwanda. Enjoy white water rafting right at the source of the Nile, slow movers can go on Mountain Gorilla safaris within Uganda whereas the blind can also visit the Elephant Orphanage found in Kenya within Nairobi National Park; they will have an opportunity to touch and feel the tamed Orphaned Elephants. We offer city tours, game drives (with sights of lions, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards among others), as well as exciting cultural tours where the disabled are able to meet personal some of the local disabled people in the communities they visit and experience how these people live their lives.  Staff from Africa Nature Trekkers personally accompany all clients to all the safaris and tours they take.

So mention your disability to us today, and we shall organize for you a very great and memorable safari or tour as you explore this beautiful part of Africa. We look forward to seeing you.

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